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Air Freight and Expedites

Fenichey has added three great carrier relationships offering domestic and international air and expedited freight shipping. Call or email your rep today and learn how we can help you get your freight shipment ANYWHERE in the world TOMORROW!

More diversity may be an answer to the driver shortage

If 94% of drivers are male and 2/3’s of them are white like the story attached suggested, there is a vast untapped market of women and minorities for the 50,000 or more open driver jobs. https://www.wral.com/-what-does-a-trucker-look-like-it-s-changing-amid-a-big-shortage/17730142/

The State of this Industry

Wow… Since talking to you guys about the capacity issues and electronic logging and driver shorages things have gone EXACTLY as predicted. Fewer trucks, higher costs, long lead times. We buy the best business intelligence available and still have to work harder and harder to match available trucks with available loads. I’m not complaining though,…

Shame Shame Shame

Closing Rest Areas Puts the Public at Risk   I don’t like to bring politics into this blog but the ridiculous behavior of those in my home state boggles my mind.  As I drive around seeing clients, making this little logistics business work, I see trucks parked on the side of the road every single…