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Drivers Drivers Drivers… Where the heck are they?

Driver Shortage and Increased Costs Hot Market Mapping Available Loads to Available Vans I’m back to harp on this subject a little more today.  One of our business intelligence providers creates a daily “Hot Map” showing where the loads are and where the trucks are.  It helps give us a sense of balance.  Balance is…

Truckload Turnover – ATA Press Release

for the original document, please see http://www.trucking.org/article/Truckload-Turnover-Surges-in-Second-Quarter   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Sean McNally September 18, 2017 703-838-1995   Truckload Turnover Surges in Second Quarter Churn Picks Up at Both Small and Large Fleets   Arlington, Virginia – The turnover rate at truckload carriers surged in the second quarter of the year, a sign that the market for…

Why to choose a TIA 3PL like Fenichey
This was the ‘future of trucking’ in 1964

Read this just for fun but it makes me wonder what happened to gas turbine engines over diesel. http://www.livetrucking.com/big-red-future-of-trucking-in-1964/