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At Fenichey we have pricing agreements, contracts and access to pricing from many carriers.  For your quote, we shop the best possible match for your shipping needs.  When working for you, we understand transit times, transportation carrier liability limits, guaranteed delivery and the other pitfalls of LTL freight transportation and keep those present when finding the right carrier for your needs.

Don’t let the confusing world of Freight Classification scare you.  Using our state of the art tools, we can help you determine the correct freight class for each and every shipment.  The carrier’s reweighs and inspections can really get you down. Fenichey is here to help.

When it comes to shipping LTL freight, Fenichey knows the business and will work hard to ensure the right carrier is selected for today’s shipment.

Our LTL Carriers


New England Motor Freight - Quality Regional Northeast LTL Service

Regional Northeast L-T-L Trucking



Old Dominion Freight Lines

Great L-T-L Service



YRC Freight- National LTL and Expedited Freight Services

National L-T-L and Expedited Service


Fedex Freight - National Value and Expedited LTL

Priorty and Economy L-T-L


Sunrunner Transport - New England to Florida Consolidator

New England to Florida Consolidation Carrier


UPS Freight - National LTL Services

Great Brand Name National L-T-L


Baileys Express - New England to US LTL Consolidator

New England to US Consolidator


Estes Express - National LTL

National L-T-L


A Duie Pyle - Northeast Regional LTL

Northeast Regional L-T-L


Roadrunner Transportation Services - Value National LTL

Great Value National Trucking


Central Transport International - National LTL Price Leader