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NEMF – A Funeral for a Friend

This is terrible. It’s like a funeral for a friend. I’m saddened for the loss of this company I was emotionally invested in. I’m concerned for my friends who thought they would be there until they wanted to leave. In 1990, I was a recent graduate from a four year business only college in the…

Steamship Lines and Liability

You NEED to know this! This is one of those things that blew my mind. 30+ years in transportation and today I learned that if you ship goods on the ocean and the steamship line has a catastrophic failure, you can be held responsible for products in the other customer’s containers aboard that vessel. Blew…

Tolling in New England

Here we go… Rhode Island has gotten approval on 10 new tolling stations and Connecticut’s new governor is requesting up to 82 truck only tolling places – EIGHTY TWO! These additional tolls will in no doubt impact the cost of goods coming into and going out of the area. This piling on of fees and…

Air Freight and Expedites

Fenichey has added three great carrier relationships offering domestic and international air and expedited freight shipping. Call or email your rep today and learn how we can help you get your freight shipment ANYWHERE in the world TOMORROW!