Are you concerned with the impact of trucking to our environment?

A 2018 study found that truck transportation made up 6.4% of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US while only 0.6% came from rail operations.

There are several industry studies and reports to note:

“Lifecycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Rail Freight Transportation” (2017) –  Environmental Science & Technology

“A Modal Comparison of Freight Transportation Effects on Global Warming, Stratospheric Ozone Depletion, and Smog Formation” (2013) – A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“Environmental Comparison of Rail and Truck Freight Transportation” (2006) – Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center

“Railroads and Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Primer and Inventory Analysis” (2013) –  Association of American Railroads (AAR)

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