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Freight Invoice Audit and Payment Services

Invoice Audit Services

Freight bill invoice audit services give you peace of mind knowing that a qualified third party is ensuring the carriers are charging what they promised to charge.  What’s more, freight bill audit and payment services give you timely, accurate reporting of freight costs and extra charges.

Are you sure your LTL carrier is billing you what they promised to bill you when you entered that pricing agreement?

Do you find yourself questioning accessorial invoices?

Are you spending more than you need to spend because you don’t have the metrics to understand what carrier’s rate is best on a shipment by shipment basis?

Invoice audit and payment ensures carriers are honoring their contractual obligation to you.  From time to time, carriers will add extra charges including reweighs, class inspections, NMFC changes and extra unexpected accessorial charges.  Some of these charges are completely legitimate, some are not.  The only way to find out it to investigate each one and follow the paper trail.  Our systems verify that any accessorial charge, reweigh or inspection that results in a cost change is fully documented by the carrier.

Fenichey audits every freight bill for accuracy.  We compare the rate charged to the tariff rate and the original bill of lading.  We check the proof of delivery for exceptions and advise you when it’s time to file a claim.  We hold the carrier accountable for accurate reweigh and reinspection records.  When the carrier cannot substantiate extra fees, we work with them to remove them from your invoice.  Then we send you a weekly customized report showing all audited freight bills in a format you desire.  When you are ready to fund those audited freight invoices, we pay the carriers as directed and send to you a paid freight bill report.

Fenichey freight bill audit and payment services give you peace of mind.

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