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Freight Invoice Audit and Payment Services

Invoice Audit Services

Are you spending too much on freight?

Freight invoice audit and payment services are crucial for businesses that want to save money and improve operational efficiency. Fenichey manually checks each invoice to scrutinize shipping invoices, identify errors or discrepancies, and negotiate with carriers to secure refunds or credits. By outsourcing this crucial function to experts, businesses can focus on their core competencies and achieve greater success in their operations.  This is not an automated service, a human checks every freight bill.

In addition to saving money, disputing unauthorized accessorial fees can also help to improve carrier relationships by fostering transparency and trust in the shipping process. This, in turn, can improve a business’s reputation and lead to better service and pricing in the long run. Overall, Fenichey freight invoice audit and payment services provide essential benefits for businesses, including cost savings, improved efficiency, and enhanced carrier relationships. By partnering with a freight invoice audit and payment company, businesses can streamline their freight payment processes and avoid overpayment for shipping services.

One of the most significant areas where Fenichey’s freight invoice audit and payment service provides value is in identifying and disputing unauthorized accessorial fees. Accessorial fees are additional charges that carriers may levy for services beyond standard shipping, such as fuel surcharges, detention fees, or liftgate fees. However, carriers sometimes add accessorial fees without proper documentation or justification, leading to overcharging and cost inefficiencies for businesses. A freight invoice audit and payment company can review shipping invoices and identify unauthorized or inflated accessorial fees, helping businesses to avoid overpayment and reduce costs.

Invoice Audit and Payment ensures the carrier:
  • Honors the pricing agreement
  • Documents unexpected accessorials
  • Bills the correct class
  • Ensures reweighs and inspections are documented and correct
  • Checks PODs for potential freight claims
  • Provides one weekly easy to read and pay report

Fenichey audit and invoice payment services give you peace of mind

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