Double Brokering is Affecting EVERYONE!

Double brokering occurs when a freight broker accepts a shipment from a shipper and then assigns the same load to another broker for a lower price, causing financial losses for carriers and shippers. This practice has become increasingly prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a surge in shipping demand.

However, some companies, like Fenichey, are taking steps to ensure that they use carriers who follow ethical and safe practices. Fenichey conducts safety checks on all carriers they work with to ensure compliance with FMCSA regulations and to confirm that they have adequate insurance coverage. This process helps to protect both carriers and shippers from the risks of double brokering and other unethical practices.

The article emphasizes that double brokering not only hurts carriers but also impacts the supply chain, causing delays, lost shipments, and dissatisfied customers. In conclusion, the article calls for brokers and carriers to act ethically and comply with FMCSA regulations to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the supply chain. Shippers should also take steps to protect themselves from double brokering by working with reputable brokers and carriers who have a proven track record of timely delivery without issues, and companies like Fenichey are helping to set the standard for responsible practices in the industry.

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