Why Humans Are Better Than AI In the Freight Industry

The trucking industry has been considering the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to replace human drivers. However, it may be more beneficial to continue employing human drivers instead of solely relying on AI. Humans can handle unexpected situations on the road, such as accidents, construction, and other roadblocks, that AI cannot handle as efficiently. In addition, human drivers possess decision-making abilities that AI cannot replicate, such as assessing the best route to take and evaluating the safety of a particular route.

Another reason to continue using human drivers is the potential cost savings. While AI technology may save costs in the long run, the initial investment in technology can be expensive, and maintenance and upgrades can also be costly. Furthermore, AI technology is not yet advanced enough to fully replace human drivers in the complex and dynamic environment of the trucking industry.

Furthermore, human drivers can provide excellent customer service by communicating with shippers and receivers, resolving issues, and providing updates on delivery status. AI technology cannot match the personal touch that human drivers provide, which can build strong relationships with customers and increase customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, while AI technology has its advantages, human drivers offer unique abilities and advantages that cannot be replicated by technology. Thus, it is more beneficial to continue employing human drivers in the trucking industry.

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